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Wow! How stupid can a clown be? Or are we the dumb ones?

Did anyone see the Aliso Viejo City Council meeting last night? We watched it and I swear there cant be another stinking IDIOT LIKE MUNZING IN THE WORLD. It was hard to watch. Its hard to believe he is that stupid but he proves it every time. The worst thing about it is that we are of the same party. But not for long! It was painful for us to watch Clown Munzing formulate his one word sentence “uh”. Its hard to believe a republican is that stupid but there he is.

Then there is the “lap dog” right next to him. Phillips is just a flat out “wussy”. I bet the clown has a collar and leash for him and it probably says “property of the Clown and the GOP”. What a “wussy” and he is just as stupid. Whenever Mike needed help he would turn immediately to the “Wussy Phillips.”  Where does the GOP get these losers from. Whenever he speaks he has his head down like he is scared whipped puppy! It was embarrassing to see. You watch….our city government is going to get worse. It will be like Dana Point. It’s a beautiful city but their  city council has always sucked. We already have comparisons. Here is the list of similarities:

Possible Issues with Women:

                    Carlos Olvera

          Superior court ordered restraining order for manhandling a women!


               Mayor Munzing

Two separate instances when taxpayer money was used to cure “conduct requiring corrective action and legal counsel intervention and / or opinion.” City rumor has it that Mayor Mike “offended female police officers”.  Shades of Monica.

Lap Dogs:

                                                                        Bill Phillips

Mike Munzings  “whipped Puppy.” Does whatever Mike wants him to do as he is owned by Mayor Munzing and the GOP! Wussy!


                                                                        Joe Muller

Ex councilman Bill Brough’s lap dog. A wussy with a DUI unless it has been expunged. Has no idea what he is doing. Also owned by the  GOP.

Lying Money Grabbers:

                                                                Phil Tsunoda

Using a city-maintained “eNews” email list to distribute campaign materials last year, resources supplied with taxpayer money. He paid  the city $10,063.40 for costs stemming from the incident, including for attorneys’ fees. Damage and advantage already done. Can you believe he said it was an accident. BS! Reminds us of a Petty thief. Boy has he lowered the bar.


                                                   Ex-councilwoman Diane Harkey

Aproximately 80 investors named as plaintiffs in the civil lawsuit disagree, saying the Harkeys mismanaged their money and lost $43 million of it – some of which may have been siphoned off to support Diane Harkey’s political ambitions and the couple’s lifestyle.

There was one bright spot. Ross Chun. This is how a Republican councilman should be. Concise, intelligent with  a firm grasp of the subject and the ability to convey a well thought out analysis of the issue.

This was Mayor Munzings standing order from the GOP to voice opposition to Measure M. You, Mayor Munzing have NO idea of Measure M. except the ability to say “uh, I stand with my resolution.” What an idiot! This is nothing more than a veiled attack on the trustees. The GOP, for some reason, always is trying to take over the school board. That’s all it was. Mayor Munzing you are an idiot if you think we don’t know you are nothing more than a shill for Jake V. Could this possibly be payback for any help he gave you when you were counseled by the city and needed legal intervention?

                                MIKE MUNZING YOU ARE JUST A MESS! 






Mayor Munzing Revealed as the owner of TheReal CUSD Hit-Site


  1. Aliso Viejo Parent

    How bad was our “distinguished mayor” at the last council meeting? He was such an embarrassment that anti-common sense, No on Measure M CUSD Candidate Jacobus Vollebregt did not even bother to show up at the meeting. If Jacobus had such conviction that Measure M is bad for Aliso Viejo why did he not show up to the meeting? Even Jake the Fake realizes what a mistake it is to be seen in public with Munzing.

  2. Propoganda

    I watched the video of the “discussion” about Measure M at the Aliso Viejo City Council. It was apparent that Mayor Mike with reading from notes and really didn’t have any understanding of the issue, but the real concern was brought up that he has been using an anonymous web site to distribute misleading statements. I don’t know why more people aren’t focused on the fact that an elected officer is actually creating his own propaganda campaign. For what reason? It’s hard to tell, but it shouldn’t be legal.

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