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What have they done for the city?


Are Mayor Mike Munzing and Mayor Pro-tem David Herrington working for the city? What have they done for you? Right now they are focused on opposing Measure M, the CUSD school bond, but neither can explain why. Munzing can only read a prepared statement, but cannot address any talking points or respond to any questions. Harrington can only say “its too big.” Not an impressive showing by the leaders of our city council. Do they represent the City of Aliso Viejo on other regional governing bodies? Well lets review the whole council and see who really takes their mission to heart.  Transparency and Accountability. These are 2 qualities that a City and its officials must possess to forge a stellar reputation for both. These qualities must also be displayed when our City officials represent Aliso Viejo with other relevant regional governing bodies.  Lets take a look at  who does what on our current Council:

Mayor Mike Munzing –

  • Alternate for Aliso Creek Watershed

Mayor Pro-Tem David Harrington –

  • Alternate for OC Fire Authority
  • Alternate, Transportation Corridor Agency

Council Member Bill Phillips –

  • Director, Coastal Green Belt Authority
  • Director, Laguna Canyon Foundation
  • Alternate, SCAG General Assembly
  • Member, Countywide Library Task Force

Council Member Ross Chun –

  • Chairman, Transportation Corridor Agency
  • Chair, TCA Environmental Committee
  • Chair, TCA Finance and Investment Committee
  • Director, TCA Executive Leadership Team
  • Director, TCA Joint Strategic Planning Committee
  • Director, TCA Joint Toll Operations Committee
  • Director, TCA Joint Marketing Committee
  • Director, TCA Joint Capital Programs Committee
  • Director, SCAG Regional Council
  • Director, SCAG Executive Administration Committee
  • Vice Chair, SCAG Energy and Environment Committee
  • Director, ACCOC State Environmental Policy Committee
  • Chair, ACCOC Committee on Diversity and Changing Demographics
  • Second Vice President, League of California Cities Orange County Division Board
  • Director, League of California Cities State Policy Committee on Transportation
  • Alternate, Coastal Green Belt Authority

Council Member Phil Tsunoda –

  • Director, Orange County Fire Authority
  • Director, Orange County Vector Control


Munzing’s Lackeys show their faces!


“Charlie Crist” aka Jim Leach, we apologize!


  1. Represent Us Please

    It looks like Mayor Munzing actually does nothing but introduce soccer teams and little league players at our council meetings. Thank goodness we have him there tending the podium while others do the important work of representing our city.

  2. Do Nothing Mayor

    I saw Mayor Munzing fumble his way through many a discussion, and seemed lost without notes or a prepared statement. This list explains why. He really doesn’t do anything.

  3. How quickly we Forget

    How Quickly we forget.
    Dave Harrington has done more for this city in the three years he’s been on council then the whole city council combined. Let me remind you that he was the only one to have the guts to overthrow a corrupt founding Mayor and with that:
    Got rid of secret ad hock committees
    Got rid of the plan for the huge and unpopular community center at the ranch
    Got the city council meetings finally televised
    Got city Deputies much needed equipment they lacked
    Adopted our first Marine Corp unit
    Started a standing committee with Capo
    Started a standing committee with AVCA
    I can go on and on
    Sitting on regional boards that actually do very little for our city does not show who’s working or not. Remember members of these boards get paid a stipend for each committee.
    You should probably do a little more research before you accuse people of not “doing anything” their maybe a few that this pertains to but Dave Harrington is definitely not one of them

    • One-Man Council

      Wow. Herrington did all of these things on his own? Without the rest of the council? He is truly amazing, and along with all of these accomplishments, he voted Munzing in as Mayor. How did he find the time?

  4. AVresident

    What behavior ?

  5. One and the Same

    I had to read this article twice before it sank in. Munzing and Harrington…one and the same. What do they do for the city? Very little, if anything. So what are they doing running the show on our city council? Did the voters select them for these roles?

  6. Do-Nothing Twins

    The do-nothing twins. These two do NOTHING for our city. Watch them in a city council meeting. They are posing and preening for the camera, but what do they actually do?

  7. How quickly we Forget

    Nice!!! The last three posts, obviously written by the same person, What have you done for the city of Aliso Viejo?????
    Ah….that’s what I thought!
    Too lazy to do anything yourself, but judge the one’s who do.

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