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submitted by blog contributor: frustrated republican

On November 8th, responsible parents, teachers and taxpayers will have the privilege and responsibility to provide our kids that rich and safe school environment that all students are morally and legally entitled to.

This political battle over Measure M is frustrating. For some reason, my party has an obsessive addiction to CUSD. It’s like we attempt to make CUSD our party’s private “whipping boy” every election cycle. Our candidates use the same verbiage every time. “The board is corrupt they don’t listen to parents, they are bought by the union and they just want to tax and spend. Enough Already!

For our kids a “republican” or “democratic” talking point or “core value” is not on their list of high school concerns. Their concern is being able to pass the math test next Friday, planning for the chemistry project on Monday and completing the research paper for English this week.

These should be some of the best times of their lives. Instead many high school students are stressed about their future. The recession and unemployment are discussed so frequently on the television and internet; the students can’t help but to wonder how it’s all going to affect them after high school. Many of the students are beginning to question their decisions to go on to college. They are wondering what the job market is going to be like? Will they be able to justify putting full-time employment aside in lieu of a college education? Should they pursue the field they are actually interested in or pursue a field that will be more lucrative? Will an Associate’s degree be enough or should they go for a bachelors? And will a bachelors be enough? The least of their concerns should be the safety of their school.

Our kids should not have to be concerned with toilets that do not work, restrooms in disrepair and dirty. Is there toilet paper in the stalls, will the air conditioning be working, is that mold or just old paint in the corner, will the roof leak during a rain and can we secure our classroom in case of an emergency.

These issues should be the concerns of parents, not “political talking barbs” used for the advancement of a particular party’s political philosophy or candidates. One would think if any cause could unite parents of different political parties to address issues it would be the future of our kids. Obviously not.

This bond may not be perfect or the best crafted one but it’s the right one, at the right time for the right community. Our community. Students need our help not our political sniping and they need it now! They need US now. As far as I am concerned our kid’s education is more important than any risk the bond may possibly hold. I vote for our kids every time. Vote YES measure M.


                     VOTE YES ON MEASURE M!     SAY YES TO OUR KIDS!


CUSD Trustee Candidate Jake Vollebregt “Possibly” Condones Sexual Harassment!




  1. CUSD has never given us a reason to trust them, and they want to start with a couple billion dollar commitment from us? How do people end up on these oversight panels? what is their authority to override stupid decisions? You really think education will be the same in even 10 years while we pay for this for 35 years? This is the WRONG measure at the WRONG time. Almost everything they are trying to get is a wish list of things, not to mention the subterfuge with regard to measure 51 matching funds that will go to pay for Rancho Mission Viejo, and Measure M is not required to get those funds if you read prop 51. the only way people will trust CUSD is if they do small, clearly defined and budgeted items. Start with local fundraisers by the people for the local school. San Clement High alone sucks up over 100 Million dollars while the 8 schools in RSM are slated for about $130 million for all 8, 90% of which is not needed. Read the bills and measures. No one that has taken a legitimate look at what is proposed can walk away thinking it is a good idea.

    • Response

      Wow Shawn, so much information and so little of it is accurate. Well done!

      I like the way the misinformation squad likes call this a “couple billion dollar bond.” Are you just rounding up to $2 billion? It’s clearly stated as $889M. But please, feel free to add the interest and fees onto the price. When you buy a car, do you quote the price after 5 years of interest, tax and licensing? Of course not.

      You don’t end up on an oversight panel. You sign up for one, but you have to be smart enough to find them, right there on the CUSD web site. If you can’t find it, you can’t join. So keep looking. My 9 year old can find it so I hope you can too.

      While you are on the web site, you can also find the answer to your next question. The authority is given through Proposition 39 and by the State of California. But again, you have to be smart enough to read.

      And yes, education is changing, but is this your reason for not funding repairs and safety in our schools? Are you afraid that with these changes, safety will somehow go out of style? Maybe in 10 years, we won’t have fires anymore, so then we won’t need fire alarms.

      Shawn, you say this is the “WRONG measure at the WRONG time.” That’s a catchy turn of phrase. So maybe you can reach a little further and tell us what the right measure is. Or are you just more comfortable offering criticism from the side lines without a clue what you want. And so this is the “WRONG time” for the safety of our children. What is the right time to ensure that the roofs don’t leak and harmful asbestos is removed? Let’s think about that a good long time and decide when our children should be safe.

      You also say “almost everything they are trying to get is a wish list of things…” Yes, we wish our children had air conditioning on 90 degree days, and we wish the lunch areas had shade structures over them. We wish leaky roofs were repaired so the carpets didn’t get wet and grow harmful mold. I know I wish my students didn’t have to trudge through soggy toilet paper on the floors of bathrooms with bad plumbing and drains. Yes, this is a wish list for safe and productive environments for our children.

      You talk about trusting CUSD, but you leave out the fact that most of your accusations should be directed to previous boards and previous superintendents. You will need a time machine to accurately level your complaints to the appropriate persons.

      I think its time for you to take your own advice and read the bills and measures, and think for yourself instead of basing your opinions on the rhetoric of those who know only how to criticize and misshape the truth for their own agendas.

  2. frustrated republican

    You may be right and this current crop of inept trustee candidates offer no hope. I remember when we had all of the trustees representing our party. The only thing I remember about them was they got caught breaking into the superintendents office and they “paid off” current trustee Reardon and his lawyer buddy because their kids were on some list. Pitiful and pathetic. The schools are over 20 years old in need of repairs and “our trustees” didn’t do crap to address it. I don’t think that 300 or 400 a year is too steep of a contribution to keep our kids safe. Most of us spend that much on a golf outing. Its time we step up and take care of our kids and schools.

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