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Social Media Out Of Control In AV


The popular Facebook page, Residents of Aliso Viejo went crazy over the last 48 hours in response to an article posted by resident Ray de Leon. His comments about how the mayor is selected turned into an all out war of words between residents, a college student and the wife of Mayor Pro Tem David Harrington. After almost a dozen comments and responses to comments about her husband, Mrs. Harrington repeatedly mentioned that her husband voted several times in favor of Councilman Ross Chun, supported him for Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem, and in her words, “put his ass on the line” for councilman Chun by voting for him. That is the most interesting comment of all. What kind of jeopardy is Harrington in for voting for Chun, and from whom? One has to ask what kind of deal was struck that would cause Harrington fear for voting a certain way. Mrs. Harrington agreed to explain the many reasons, but only in a private phone call to another resident.

In the end, Mrs. Harrington established that her husband is a good guy and only made one brief sarcastic comment, that he should not be associated with the likes of Mike Munzing and Scott White, and in fact, had done a lot for the students at Soka University (?) and asked that the recently bullied student from the liberal arts university reach out to Harrington privately to discuss. Throughout this discussion, Chun made one comment, simply acknowledging that Mrs. Harrington’s husband had indeed voted for him, while the other Harrington, David, remained silent.


Mayor Pro Tem Harrington Joins Bullying of Students


  1. Ask the Right Questions

    Harrington took a risk because the rest of the council Hate Chun.
    Better questions would be
    Why do they hate Chun?
    How could Chun be quite while his buddy is attacked?
    Is Chun in on the Harrington bashing???
    Won’t Chuns culpability push Harrington into the anti-chun crowd?
    So who would put Chun up for any leadership roles now?

    Maybe Chun is his own worst enemy.

    • Aliso Viejo Proud

      I am looking at this post and scratching my head. I am no fan of the democrat Chun but lets call it like it is. He is obviously the most qualified and smartest one up there…..which is not saying much considering the likes of Munzing the idiot and the others. But there is no denying that Mr. Chun has more of a ‘civil servant’ attitude than our guys. I was quite amazed that he is involved in so many civic servant organizations. How many organizations is the Mayor involved in? Let me guess….1 the South Orange County Sexual Predators! So is the reasoning here that the other council members hate Chun cause he is not part of their “clique?” Would they accept him more if he endorsed the “sexual predator” like Phillips and Harrington? Would they like him if he was a thief like Tsunoda was with the city email list? Harrington took no risk at all. He was a police officer I believe and knows what real risk is. That’s why I am so confused with his stance in regards to Munzing’s sexual harassment. For Gods sake….he was a police officer….how could he condone those actions by Munzing. When we find out who those offended city employees were, and we will, all hell will break loose. Make no mistake a republican candidate would be great to replace Chun but not like the ones we have now. Lets face it….the common “fault or link” here is Mayor Munzings actions of Sexual Harassment. Munzing needs to move out so we can move on or change party affiliation. Maybe he and “slick Willie” can become partners in crime.

  2. Lisa Naegele

    Respectfully – what good does any of this do? Ross is a good person. He works hard for AV. Dave is a good guy, he works hard for this City. There are 5 people sitting in that chamber that have decided that they wanted to do whatever they could to make this an even better place for all of us. Why the need to pit them against each other. We have seen enough of the damage done with negative politics. We are a city of 50,000 people. We have an amazing community. We have so much to offer our residents. Is this ^^^^^^^^ helping. Also, I’m sure that those you quoted from a closed page did not give permission for their names or conversation to be used.

    • Get it right

      For the record, Dave Harrington did NOT endorse Mike Munzing. It was also HIS demand that an investigation be opened. Get it straight.

  3. AVEditor

    Editor’s note: Diane, sorry for any problems we may have caused by posting that screen shot that was sent to us by someone from the public. We have made the changes you requested.

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