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CUSD Trustee Candidate Jake Vollebregt “Possibly” Condones Sexual Harassment!


The Elephant  in the room, or should we say Clown in the room, is what was nature of the offense Mayor Munzing was counseled on and had legal intervention to settle? CUSD Trustee candidate Jake Vollebregt should know. He was the deputy attorney at the time of the incident. He is now endorsed by and supports Mayor Munzing. Its hard to believe any Trustee candidate, much less any decent human being, could condone sexual harassment by anyone when seeking a position representing innocent students. Jake have some courage and integrity to clear this up. Stand up and tell us if the issue was simply a matter of misunderstanding or if you know it was Sexual Harassment but still endorse Mayor Munzing. You are asking parents to trust your judgement in regard to the safety and welfare of their kids and yet you endorse a possible sexual harassment offender. Even worse you keep us in the dark. If this is any indication of the transparency you will display as a CUSD Trustee…….NO THANKS! WE WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR SOMEONE WHO WONT TELL US WHETHER THE OFFICIAL HE ENDORSED IS A POSSIBLE SEXUALL PREDATOR OR NOT. NEXT THING YOU KNOW JAKE, YOU WILL BE HIRING HIM….HE IS GOING TO NEED A JOB! NO THANKS!

Last Minute Candidate’s Forum



Who would have thought that the community would put together a candidate’s forum this late in the election cycle? Well, get ready, because it is coming your way on Thursday evening, November 3rd from 7:00 – 9:00pm at the Aliso Viejo Conference Center. This is our chance to FINALLY get some answers from the Clown Mayor, Mike Munzing and his stooge, Bill Phillips. Here are some suggested questions to ask Munzing:

  1. Did you or did you not cost the city thousands of dollars in legal fees due to your misconduct toward female employees in City Hall?
  2. When will you be reimbursing the taxpayers for these expenses?
  3. Why would you pose for photo ops with students at Aliso Niguel High School and then vote AGAINST an honor student for an important and valuable college scholarship and internship?
  4. What is the status of the FPPC investigation into your violation of their gift policy and will you be paying the fines associated with your “free ride” on a private jet?
  5. How can you justify your attempts to affect the outcome of the election and the voter’s right to support Measure M when you don’t even pay property tax or have ever had a child in our school district?
  6. How can you defend your secret ownership of the hate site, “The Real CUSD” while calling the community members “cowards” for posting their criticisms of your misconduct?
  7. Why did you vote in favor of 1 Vape Lounge in our city, and against the next Vape Lounge? Why did you vote in favor of 1 finance company and against 1 that is a competitor of yours?

Some questions for Bill Phillips:

  1. By endorsing Mayor Munzing, don’t you condone his misconduct in city hall?
  2. By electing him mayor, aren’t you telling the public that you feel he is the best, most qualified representative of our city? How do you justify this?
  3. As a private school parent, never enrolling your children in our public schools, what is the basis for your proposing and voting for a resolution against the school bond, Measure M?
  4. Have you ever attended a school board meeting or volunteered for a school committee?

This event is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to get some answers to the questions that Mike Munzing and Bill Phillips have been dodging for months. Let’s all turn out and put their feet to the fire!


A few weeks ago we told you that if we continue to elect and nominate people like Mike Munzing our local government would go to the Clowns.  Well get ready for it! In case you haven’t heard the Dana Point City Manager just announced his resignation. So what does that have to do with Aliso Viejo? EVERYTHING! The group of people Mike Munzing counts as his friends and supporters, in our opinion, have mounted what amounts to a COUP in Dana Point. All five councilmen are republicans but 3 of them, for all intent purposes, are nothing more than GOP lackeys. Bill Phillips would fit into this crowd. They all get their marching orders from the GOP. They don’t give a crap about the citizens of their cities. Word has it that Bill Phillips decision to endorse Mike Munzing was ordered of him by the GOP. The collar fits him good.

The City of Dana Point has accepted the resignation(forced) of their city manager in lieu of termination.


So what’s next? A possibility is that Loan defaulter Assemblyman Bill Brough will get involved with his GOP lap dogs, Joe Muller , DUI being expunged, and yes men Richard A. Viczorek and John Tomlinson to find a city manager for a new collar. This is what happens when you let snakes on planes………..they bite you!

So double loan/foreclosure defaulter Assemblyman Bill Brough will try to influence the new make up of Dana Point. This loser is trying to find some significance in his elected position because most people feel he is insignificant. Guess who his partner in failure is? The one and only Clown of Aliso Viejo…the offender of female police officers….the betrayer of a high school residents…..The Clown of “trash talking” to young St. Mary female students….Mike Munzing!

Folks……please don’t make things worse. Mike Munzing will bring the same results to Aliso Viejo as has happened to Dana Point. His kind are like a cancer that never stops spreading.  It just gets worse…………….Remember the old adage………….


mike NO MORE 1




Aliso Viejo is tired of Mayor Munzing and Aliso Viejo Realtor Scott White

Mayor Munzing and Aliso Viejo Realtor Scott White are continuing their nasty political attacks, and the citizens are getting sick and tired of them. On the popular Facebook page, Residents of Aliso Viejo, White continued his attacks on challenger Mary Rios, repeatedly siting the cost of this year’s election as her fault. Come on Scott, isn’t this The United States of America? Doesn’t every American have a right to run for office, serve for the public’s best interest, and support Democracy? I think that have been the point Mr. Lou Rios made to Scott White when he posted a moving image of his father in uniform, and the American Flag. Wake up Scott. This IS America.

Meanwhile, Mayor Munzing is discussing campaign tactics with elementary school children at St. Mary’s in Aliso Viejo. That’s right, he’s talking trash and explaining how bad people are saying mean things about him on social media. Is this appropriate for the Mayor to  discuss with young school children? Maybe, but it’s certainly pathetic to see an adult in a public office pandering to children, trying to get their sympathy for his failing re-election campaign. How do we know this is happening, you ask? Because we have seen the video posted on Facebook by none other than Scott White. No kidding. Another attempt and winning over the public. And best of all, Mayor Munzing talks about his integrity, and claims that these statements about him are lies. Really?

  1. Munzing voted against Aliso Niguel High School Graduate Kelsea Cooper when she was nominated for a prestigious scholarship. The public record plainly shows Munzing’s “nay vote” and he cannot deny it.
  2. Munzing’s misconduct necessitated legal intervention as documented by an official public letter issued by the Aliso Viejo City Clerk. This intervention cost the taxpayers money in the way of staff hours and legal bills. This much is documented.

Jake is late to the party, and a little misinformed.

clowns-without-make-up                                             CLOWNS WITHOUT MAKE-UP

Jake Vollebregt was a speaker at Mayor Mike’s recent fundraiser, and one of only 6 attendees. Not exactly a packed house, but that didn’t stop the Clown Mayor from setting up his little PA system and personal mic. At the “event” the CUSD School Board candidate addressed almost half a dozen listeners (since Jake and Mike were speaking, the attendance count dropped to 4), where he made the following mis-statements:

“Measure M, which is the $1.8 billion tax”

Jake, if you are running for the school board in opposition to Measure M, shouldn’t you know how much the bond really is? Measure M is a $889M bond, not $1.8B. Now you can inflate the numbers if you calculate interest over 35 years, but is that accurate? Is the median price of a home in aliso Viejo $650,000, or should we add interest and taxes over a 30 year loan and tell people our homes are actually $1.5 million dollars? If you are going to run for the school board, you really should get the math right.

“Measure M was created on August 10th, just 2 days before the filing deadline…”

Jake, the truth is that the school district and its volunteers, made up of parents, teachers and concerned citizens, have been doing the work of creating the proposed bond measure for more that 2 years. Just because you only became aware of the effort 2 days before it was filed does not mean that many dedicated volunteers weren’t working hard to find a solution long before you decided to start your political career. I’m sure that they’re not mad that you are a little late to the party, but you should at least get the facts straight.

“Another $600 dollars of property bills a year is not the answer.”

Jake, based on the bond measure, for your property tax to increase by $600 a year, your home’s assessed value would have to be about $1.4M. That’s your assessed value, not the purchase price. So either you are speaking to less than 1% of your future constituents, or you need to once again, check your math.


My Nose is bigger than yours!

So Michele wants to feed from the Taxpayer teat like her husband Broughnocchio. You can’t blame her. Bill’s business was going down the tubes after he said he was a successful businessman on his Assembly statement. When you check the loan documents in purchasing their residence, We believe he checked the box of $20,000 per year income. Bill was the secondary applicant. Doesn’t make any difference now….they had to sell it as they were in foreclosure. So if you cant make it in the business world….live off the taxpayer…..imagine that….the 73rd district has to rely on a double loan/foreclose defaulter for financial decisions. How idiotic is that? Now his wife wants to live off the taxpayer too. We thought leeches were only found in swamps! Well here are Michele’s false credential statements:

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Mayor Mike Caught Clowning Around…

…but this is NO LAUGHING MATTER!

At the last Aliso Viejo City Council meeting, Clown Mayor Mike Munzing was caught flat-footed when PTSA President Ellen Garrick identified him as the possible owner of the Capistrano Unified School District “Hit Site” The Real CUSD. Munzing could be seen visibly shaken as she presented the council with documents identifying the Clown Mayor as the possible host of the web site. All Munzing could do was mumble to his colleagues on the council that he had never heard of the web site before. Those comments didn’t seem to float once Garrick pointed out that Munzing has been posting links to the site on his Facebook pages for months. Oops! Looks like the Clown Mayor was caught flat-footed in his giant clown shoes.

So what does this mean to Aliso Viejo voters? Well, it certainly calls the Clown Mayor’s integrity into questions. Along with that, the voters should also question the accuracy of anything Munzing says or does from the dias, and what his motivations might be. Obviously the influence of special interest groups is having a big effect on what Munzing is doing and saying as he supposedly “represents” the people and the CHILDREN of Aliso Viejo.

Mayor Munzing Revealed as the owner of TheReal CUSD Hit-Site

In the October 19th meeting of the Aliso Viejo City Council, PTSA President Ellen Garrick provided the council with FPPC documents that identified Mayor Munzing as the owner of the hit-site, The Real CUSD, and chastised him for disseminating “misleading statements and misinformation” in opposition to Measure M. Munzing could only site there, stupefied, as the PTSA President and former Assistant District Attorney described Munzing’s petty tactics as despicable. His eventual rebuttal comment was, “I don’t know anything about that web site.”

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Wow! How stupid can a clown be? Or are we the dumb ones?

Did anyone see the Aliso Viejo City Council meeting last night? We watched it and I swear there cant be another stinking IDIOT LIKE MUNZING IN THE WORLD. It was hard to watch. Its hard to believe he is that stupid but he proves it every time. The worst thing about it is that we are of the same party. But not for long! It was painful for us to watch Clown Munzing formulate his one word sentence “uh”. Its hard to believe a republican is that stupid but there he is.

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AVwatchdog was just sent this post of the Lincolns Club Voter guide. Seriously? Here is how the Lincoln Club describes its organization’s voter guide:

Each election, the Lincoln Club of Orange County disseminates its PAC Voter Guide with recommended positions on the ballot measures and candidate endorsements that are consistent with the Club’s core principles of limited government, lower taxes, and the expansion of free enterprise. Endorsements are not necessarily made in all races and are rarely made in elections with two or more conservatives running.

Our party is starting to resemble the Democrats. When an issue is wrong and a candidate is bad ……say it! Don’t promote them. Its why we are floundering in South Orange County…….for example look at these recommendations by the Lincoln club:

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