So Michele wants to feed from the Taxpayer teat like her husband Broughnocchio. You can’t blame her. Bill’s business was going down the tubes after he said he was a successful businessman on his Assembly statement. When you check the loan documents in purchasing their residence, We believe he checked the box of $20,000 per year income. Bill was the secondary applicant. Doesn’t make any difference now….they had to sell it as they were in foreclosure. So if you cant make it in the business world….live off the taxpayer…..imagine that….the 73rd district has to rely on a double loan/foreclose defaulter for financial decisions. How idiotic is that? Now his wife wants to live off the taxpayer too. We thought leeches were only found in swamps! Well here are Michele’s false credential statements:

1.  Dedicated and experienced leader?  Was FORCED to RESIGN about 8
years ago, after a few short months after taking on the planning
commission whilst taking a Sacramento position for the California Board
of Accountancy.

Michelle Brough Vacates Dana Point Planning Commission Seat

2. If you cannot keep your own house solvent, how can you take care of
Dana Point’s fiscal house?  Quoted in DPTimes Oct. 7 “…(My Husband)
and I are young, but we have two young children and its a struggle for us” translation……we need to live off the taxpayer. Now when the taxpayers are paying our income then we can afford a house again. Just call us the Bill and Hilary of Orange County. When Bill seeks a higher office I will also….we will have the taxpayers pay for our retirement also. How easy is this?

Michelle defaulted TWICE!  Will Michelle put the city’s finances in  default?
The default has been declared by the current beneficiary under that certain Deed and Trust dated as of March 13, 2008, executed by Michelle R. Brough and William P. Brough, wife and husband as trustor to secure obligations in favor of United States Senate Federal Credit Union as beneficiary recorded on March 14, 2008.

3. Michele has had 19 addresses, 11 of them not in Orange County, since 1998.
She clearly does not have longterm roots in Dana Point.

Michelle defaulted on her home. She will default on her responsibilities as a councilwoman. SHE IS NOT VESTED IN DANA POINT. SHE HAS NO VESTED REAL ESTATE, NO LOCAL JOB, NO KIDS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. SHE IS PASSING THRU!