At last week’s Aliso Viejo Candidate’s Forum, the Clown Mayor Mike Munzing failed at yet another attempt to sway the public’s vote. This time, Munzing used his introduction period to explain to the public, many of whom are from the LDS community, that his decisions are “guided by God” and arrived at “through prayer.” His continuous religious references were begun with his display of a famous Arnold Friberg painting of George Washington kneeling in prayer at Valley Forge. Munzing displayed this work, painted by the Mormon Artist, on his iPhone and identified it as his “inspiration.”

This sad attempt to pander to a faith community was so obvious and pathetic, it was an embarrassment to himself, his wife who attended the event, and of course, his ridiculous mentor, Bill Phillips. Munzing’s politicizing of school girls, charity events, scholarship opportunities for students, and now, religion is nothing short of sick. Someone please clue in the Clown Mayor of Aliso Viejo and let him know he is fooling No One! Everyone, even the children, see through is weak attempts applying to the audience and it is OFFENSIVE!