The presumptive next mayor of Aliso Viejo, Mayor Pro Tem David Harrington joined Aliso Viejo Realtor and Munzing Campaign buddy Scott White in bullying Soka University Students on social media. Both White and Harrington traded barbs and quips with the students after a peaceful protest by the students at the Aliso Viejo Library. Scott White, who also represents The Orange County Association of Realtors (OCAR) as a Board Member, called the students “the current crop of entitled, nipple-suckling, participation-trophy-needing, whiney babies” while Harrington laughed along through his posts. The Mayor Pro Tem’s participation was reminiscent of Billy Bush’s recent interview with Donald Trump, where Bush laughed and egged on Trump to keep going with his demeaning talk about women, and his sexual abuse of strangers.


This is not the first time Aliso Viejo council members have attacked Soka University Students. Just 4 years ago, Mayor Mike Munzing and the Tea Party protestors he brought to a council meeting heckled some Soka Students until one young lady left the meeting in tears. This pattern of bad behavior by Aliso Viejo city officials and business leaders is a tragic example of the hatred toward the youth that seems to be brewing in our city. Soka University should think twice before inviting Harrington to speak at their school next year, and every home buyer should NOT consider White when looking for a realtor to represent them in their next purchase.