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Mayor Munzing’s Conflict of Interest

No Truer Words were ever spoken!

No Truer Words were ever spoken!

The Orange County Register reveled some interesting information about Mayor Munzing’s campaign finance success this week. It turns out that one of his largest contributors, CT Realty, is also the development company Munzing repeatedly voted in favor of throughout their planning and permitting process. That’s right, his favoritism had a direct financial impact on his political campaign. Is that illegal? Probably not. But it does explain why Munzing requested a list of all of the city vendors who have been paid significant public funds for contracts in the past several years. This was the kick-off to his fundraising campaign earlier this year, culminating with his “victory” of receiving mega-bucks from CT Realty.

Mayor Munzing has consistently requested the contribution reports from the other candidates, pouring over them to find other fundraising opportunities. This seems to be a wasted effort since he doesn’t have to look too far to find greener pastures. He only has to look to his own voting record to know who he can count on for money. That was the case with CT Realty. Munzing’s corruption continues, and is supported by every council member who voted him in as mayor. Nice job Aliso Viejo City Council!

Given Mikes recent “inappropriate conduct” and his “narcissistic” way of voting in every council meeting, we should demand the city attorney to warn us whenever his votes poses a potential conflict. We bring this up since Mike doesn’t seem to know how to comply with an ethics code as he has previously need the help of the city’s legal department for his recent rumored “offending of female officers.”

Another issue AVWatchdog has with Mayor Munzing is why is he not required to reimburse the city for the legal expenses on his behalf? Didn’t Mr. Tsunoda have to reimburse the City for his misconduct?



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  1. Corrupt Mayor

    this is interesting to see the people here who support Mike Munzing. Maybe now that we have their names, we can all call them and ask for a contribution. I understand that’s how Corrupt Mayor Munzing does it.

  2. Choose the Mayor

    How is it that Mike Munzing became Mayor? His public misbehavior is obvious, but now it seems that he has been conducting himself privately in the same deplorable manner. Don’t the voters have a say in who is elected mayor? If so, how did Munzing get to the current position?

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