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Mayor Munzing Revealed as the owner of TheReal CUSD Hit-Site

In the October 19th meeting of the Aliso Viejo City Council, PTSA President Ellen Garrick provided the council with FPPC documents that identified Mayor Munzing as the owner of the hit-site, The Real CUSD, and chastised him for disseminating “misleading statements and misinformation” in opposition to Measure M. Munzing could only site there, stupefied, as the PTSA President and former Assistant District Attorney described Munzing’s petty tactics as despicable. His eventual rebuttal comment was, “I don’t know anything about that web site.”

“I don’t know anything about that web site.”

In the contentious debate over this $889 million school bond, Munzing took an early “oppose” position, but was unable to articulate why he opposed the improvements to school facilities and implementation of safety repairs. Instead, Munzing simply rode on the coattails of other elected officials who oppose new taxes. During an Aliso Viejo City Council meeting, the inexperienced Mayor Mike refused to answer questions about his position on the bond matter, and directed questions to the city manager, David Doyle, who responded by informing the council and public that the agenda item was the responsibility of the mayor since he added the item to the discussion “without the concurrence of the members.” After 4 years on the council, Munzing is still trying to understand protocol, like the quorum, meeting rules and agenda procedures.

Why is the revelation that Munzing is hosting the misinformation web site so interesting? Mainly because Munzing, and his surrogate, Aliso Viejo realtor Scott White have taken to social media to call Munzing’s critics “cowards” for hiding behind anonymous web sites and blogs. They say these “cowards” should have the “integrity” to disclose their identity and face Munzing publicly. Now the public has learned that Mayor Munzing is employing those very cowardly tactics. Pot calling the kettle black?

So now the public knows that Munzing has been attacking parents, teachers and students through his anti-education web site, and hiding behind an anonymous registration service. But what about the creepy “anti-trash talk” video Munzing produced and distributed showing him lecturing elementary school age girls about the harm this behavior does? Remember Mike, you told these little girls that you have too much “integrity” to participate in this activity? Perhaps you should have explained to these young girls that it was all just a “fib.”


Wow! How stupid can a clown be? Or are we the dumb ones?


Mayor Mike Caught Clowning Around…


  1. Wow

    Wow. I mean, WOW! Mayor Munzing spent so much time calling his critics “cowards” and now, parents and teachers are calling him a “coward” and a “liar” all over Facebook. I have seen Aliso Viejo Residents object to politicians before, specifically the cordial councilwoman Carman Cave, but I have never seen such a backlash as Munzing is experiencing. I was the recipient of the PTSA’s email notifying parents of Munzing’s deceptive political tactics and his use of the web site. Now 24,000 parents and teachers know exactly what kind of man he is. Deceitful and dumb, sleazy and stupid, and worst of all, our mayor.

    • Shame on the PTA

      I thought the PTSA was a charitable organization aimed at helping children. Why is the PTSA sending out emails to parents about local mayors? I will never donate to the PTA in CUSD again and will tell my friends to do the same. There are plenty of voters out here that have stopped looking to the teachers’ union and PTA for advice on how to vote, especially when we read comments such as yours using phrases like “deceitful and dumb, sleazy and stupid”. How are your comments not cyberbullying?

      • frustrated republican

        Wow. That’s not what this is all about. Mayor Mike violated the trust of the residents of Aliso Viejo by having to be counseled TWICE and have legal intervention to resolve the issues. Are you saying that you condone that kind of action from a mayor and approve that he is also qualified and can be trusted to give out credible advice on issues? This is the mayor who voted against his own teenage resident saying she is not worthy for consideration of a scholarship from SCAG. 46yeas for her….1nay..Mikes. The bar has been lowered by the Clown Mayor.

  2. Shocked

    Now I am shocked. “Shame on the PTA” says that he or she will not donate to the PTA because they object to Munzing owning and managing his own cyberbullying web site because the PTA is cyberbullying Munzing? Let’s step back and analyze the logic there. Let’s protect Munzing’s right to cyberbully through his anonymous web site.

  3. Naive

    I don’t really understand the last post by “shocked” but I am wondering why it is acceptable for our mayor to take part in these bullying games, and then attack citizens who object to the practice. Perhaps that is what “shocked” is saying in their post. It just seems unreasonable for a politician to get away with these things while running for office. Maybe I’m naive.

  4. I’m curious what the proof is that it is his site? I mean, if it was as simple as a whois lookup, I would think they’d paste it into this story. If you’re going to run this story, at least post the proof with the story that was submitted.

    • frustrated republican

      Don, I think that makes sense. I also believe if the city of Aliso Viejo had to counsel and provide legal intervention for Mayor Mike we should be informed what type of incident it was. There is probably only one way to offend a “female officer”…..the Elephant in the room says its rumored to be sexual harassment. Maybe Mayor Mike can clear it up for us at the next candidate forum. My money says he doesn’t show up.

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