…but this is NO LAUGHING MATTER!

At the last Aliso Viejo City Council meeting, Clown Mayor Mike Munzing was caught flat-footed when PTSA President Ellen Garrick identified him as the possible owner of the Capistrano Unified School District “Hit Site” The Real CUSD. Munzing could be seen visibly shaken as she presented the council with documents identifying the Clown Mayor as the possible host of the web site. All Munzing could do was mumble to his colleagues on the council that he had never heard of the web site before. Those comments didn’t seem to float once Garrick pointed out that Munzing has been posting links to the site on his Facebook pages for months. Oops! Looks like the Clown Mayor was caught flat-footed in his giant clown shoes.

So what does this mean to Aliso Viejo voters? Well, it certainly calls the Clown Mayor’s integrity into questions. Along with that, the voters should also question the accuracy of anything Munzing says or does from the dias, and what his motivations might be. Obviously the influence of special interest groups is having a big effect on what Munzing is doing and saying as he supposedly “represents” the people and the CHILDREN of Aliso Viejo.