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Jim Reardon shares a page with Pres. Obama.


It’s so funny to hear our party talk about our stalwart conservatives like Jim Reardon. The trustee who voted for teacher pay raises, sued CUSD cause his kid was on a “list” and supports despicable Mayor Munzing…..the  great “offender of female police officers,” allegedly! Some conservative. Oh yes, he was also on the same campaign literature as Pres. Obama. You are known by the company you keep.




Jokes for Candidates….Thats why our party is struggling!


  1. Get Educated

    You need to get educated. Please google “slate mailer”. Your postings are beginning to sound like internet rants from a citizen with a bone to pick with everyone.

    • frustrated republican

      Get educated….its their blog. I am surprised they let a women post who is a whiner like you. go cry at some other site then. Please google “idiot” to find your profile.

      • Actual Republican

        So your response to that poster was to assume he was a woman, and then call him a whiner? Let me guess, you’re not married anymore, are you? Do us all a break and stop pretending you speak for any of us Republicans or residents of Aliso Viejo.

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