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Jake Vollebregt Has Plenty of Promises, but No Answers

Jake’s Oath to CUSD students and parents!

Jake is the local challenger for the CUSD Board of Trustees and he is distributing his promises in the form of glossy printed flyers. He says he will fight for “Smaller Class Sizes, More Money in the Classroom and more…” but he has no idea how. That’s right, this local attorney is promising a lot, but can’t explain how he will accomplish any of it. With no experience in education, and no experience in office, Jake has a lot to claim with no plan to get it done. No wonder he is campaigning with Clown Mayor Mike Munzing. I wonder if Vollebregt supports Mayor Mike’s use of elementary school age girls in his creepy “Trash Talking” video. According to Councilmember Bill Phillips, also part of the Munzing Campaign, Jake is a “proven leader.” This editor would like to know where this leadership took place. Certainly not in our schools. We believe that Jake was Deputy Attorney for the City when Clown Mayor Munzing needed legal intervention. Jake knows what Mike did and he still endorses Mike and by that, condones Mayor Mike’s offending actions. JAKE KNOWS!!!!! Disgusting.

Aliso Viejo Residents, is this the kind of morally bankrupt attorney we want for Trustee? He supported Mikes betrayal of an Aliso Viejo student. What’s next? Jake’s betrayal of the whole CUSD!







  1. Hopeful Voter

    I see that he is a marine, and I see that he is an attorney. I like the photos of him and his family. They all seem sweet. I would like to know if he has an education background. Or experience on a board. What has his experience been with our school district?

    • Gomer Pyle

      His educational experience is working with Jim Reardon, the Trustee with a track record of suing the very school district he was elected to serve. This campaign reeks of not seeking to win but rather building name recognition for a City Council campaign in two years when Dave Harrington chooses to run for OC Sheriff.

  2. Who to Trust?

    I just received this man’s campaign flyer. He is endorsed by Bill Phillips, so that sounds pretty good, except Phillips also endorses Mayor Mike Munzing. Now I don’t know who to trust.

  3. Strange Bedfellow

    Politics makes strange bedfellows. How quickly Bill Phillips and David Harrington jumped on board the Mayor Munzing Train Wreck. Now these three are endorsing Lawyer Jake in his undisclosed campaign to take over the CUSD Board. Undisclosed because he doesn’t seem to have a plan, just a lot of rhetoric. He’s going to magically make class sizes smaller. How? Maybe Munzing, Phillips and Harrington can help. Oh wait…they’re not on the school board.

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