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Jake is late to the party, and a little misinformed.

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Jake Vollebregt was a speaker at Mayor Mike’s recent fundraiser, and one of only 6 attendees. Not exactly a packed house, but that didn’t stop the Clown Mayor from setting up his little PA system and personal mic. At the “event” the CUSD School Board candidate addressed almost half a dozen listeners (since Jake and Mike were speaking, the attendance count dropped to 4), where he made the following mis-statements:

“Measure M, which is the $1.8 billion tax”

Jake, if you are running for the school board in opposition to Measure M, shouldn’t you know how much the bond really is? Measure M is a $889M bond, not $1.8B. Now you can inflate the numbers if you calculate interest over 35 years, but is that accurate? Is the median price of a home in aliso Viejo $650,000, or should we add interest and taxes over a 30 year loan and tell people our homes are actually $1.5 million dollars? If you are going to run for the school board, you really should get the math right.

“Measure M was created on August 10th, just 2 days before the filing deadline…”

Jake, the truth is that the school district and its volunteers, made up of parents, teachers and concerned citizens, have been doing the work of creating the proposed bond measure for more that 2 years. Just because you only became aware of the effort 2 days before it was filed does not mean that many dedicated volunteers weren’t working hard to find a solution long before you decided to start your political career. I’m sure that they’re not mad that you are a little late to the party, but you should at least get the facts straight.

“Another $600 dollars of property bills a year is not the answer.”

Jake, based on the bond measure, for your property tax to increase by $600 a year, your home’s assessed value would have to be about $1.4M. That’s your assessed value, not the purchase price. So either you are speaking to less than 1% of your future constituents, or you need to once again, check your math.



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  1. Political Educators

    Why should the voters elect a lawyer to our school board who is so obviously politicizing education? We need educators managing education, and politicians can do the politicking on their own time. What a disturbing trend to see the GOP so concerned about controlling city councils, boards of supervisors, and now, school boards. What promises were made to Jake Vollebregt to get him to leave a lucrative partnership at a major law firm to run for office with no experience, and no understanding of our school system? He had better be a fast learner. His campaign mailers tell us he has enrolled his kids in school THIS year.

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