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Four More Years of Munzing

As the American public weeps about the results of the presidential race, citizens of Aliso Viejo scratch their heads and imagine what another four years of Mike Munzing will be like. This election season told us a lot about this politician. He was chastised by the President of the PTSA for hiding behind the hit-site, TheRealCUSD, caught using council member Chun’s campaign disclosure list to raise money for his own campaign, revealed as having cost the city an unidentified amount of the taxpayer’s money in legal fees after offending city employees, and most recently, accepting a huge campaign contribution from CT Realty after voting to approve their permits.

So how did Munzing pull this one off and get re-elected? Even the breaking news that Mike Munzing voted against Aliso Niguel Honor Student Kelsea Cooper, attempting to keep her from receiving an important college scholarship, was not enough to persuade the voters that Munzing doesn’t represent Aliso Viejo. How? Well, it seems that money cures all wounds, especially the political ones. This season, Munzing was able to raise more money than any other candidate, trading his votes of approval for campaign contributions from city vendors, and the onslaught of his direct mail campaign and thousands of signs littering the streets and parks of Aliso Viejo was enough to distract the voters from the truth; Munzing is in this for himself, and no one else.

What can the voters learn from this election? You get what you pay for, and you deserve what you bought. There is no buyers remorse yet, so perhaps Aliso Viejo is destined to be represented by this political huckster, a snake oil salesman of the worst kind. Congratulations Aliso Viejo. You have another four years of Mike Munzing.


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  1. Embarrased by Munzing

    My hope is that we won’t have to put up with Munzing in a leadership role again. His behavior is so embarrassing, that even my kids shy away from him at events. He kept trying to engage with them at Halloween, and all they wanted was to get their candy and move on. He himself seems to be such a child, I am surprised he can’t recognize when children want him to leave them alone. It is embarrassing.

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