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CUSD Trustee Candidate Jake Vollebregt “Possibly” Condones Sexual Harassment!


The Elephant  in the room, or should we say Clown in the room, is what was nature of the offense Mayor Munzing was counseled on and had legal intervention to settle? CUSD Trustee candidate Jake Vollebregt should know. He was the deputy attorney at the time of the incident. He is now endorsed by and supports Mayor Munzing. Its hard to believe any Trustee candidate, much less any decent human being, could condone sexual harassment by anyone when seeking a position representing innocent students. Jake have some courage and integrity to clear this up. Stand up and tell us if the issue was simply a matter of misunderstanding or if you know it was Sexual Harassment but still endorse Mayor Munzing. You are asking parents to trust your judgement in regard to the safety and welfare of their kids and yet you endorse a possible sexual harassment offender. Even worse you keep us in the dark. If this is any indication of the transparency you will display as a CUSD Trustee…….NO THANKS! WE WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR SOMEONE WHO WONT TELL US WHETHER THE OFFICIAL HE ENDORSED IS A POSSIBLE SEXUALL PREDATOR OR NOT. NEXT THING YOU KNOW JAKE, YOU WILL BE HIRING HIM….HE IS GOING TO NEED A JOB! NO THANKS!


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  1. No More Vape

    Mayor Munzing supports vape lounges near schools and children. He disregards the concerns of the community so he can promote his own bizarre political agenda. And now, he feels empowered to disrespect women in the work place. What next?


  2. frustrated republican

    Both Munzing and Jake are nothing more than lap dogs! Jake is there to help Munzing with his “offenses” and act as a shill for the central committee who is after the CUSD board ….again!
    They complain about the bond and have the support of the South Orange County Economic Coalition which is nothing more than Joke in regards to who and what they support. Guess who is on the Board of Directors of this Joke of an organization? The one and only Jake Vollebregt. How convenient. They also contributed $5,500 in opposition to the bond. Jake is there for nothing more than to overturn the board. So Jake would rather see the bond fail than make the repairs for the safety of the kids. Jake condones Mayor Mikes abusive conduct, rumor has it sexual harassment, and endorses him. Wow…that’s not what we want for a guardian of our kids. Munzing and Jake……move to Dana Point.

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