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Wow! How stupid can a clown be? Or are we the dumb ones?

Did anyone see the Aliso Viejo City Council meeting last night? We watched it and I swear there cant be another stinking IDIOT LIKE MUNZING IN THE WORLD. It was hard to watch. Its hard to believe he is that stupid but he proves it every time. The worst thing about it is that we are of the same party. But not for long! It was painful for us to watch Clown Munzing formulate his one word sentence “uh”. Its hard to believe a republican is that stupid but there he is.

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AVwatchdog was just sent this post of the Lincolns Club Voter guide. Seriously? Here is how the Lincoln Club describes its organization’s voter guide:

Each election, the Lincoln Club of Orange County disseminates its PAC Voter Guide with recommended positions on the ballot measures and candidate endorsements that are consistent with the Club’s core principles of limited government, lower taxes, and the expansion of free enterprise. Endorsements are not necessarily made in all races and are rarely made in elections with two or more conservatives running.

Our party is starting to resemble the Democrats. When an issue is wrong and a candidate is bad ……say it! Don’t promote them. Its why we are floundering in South Orange County…….for example look at these recommendations by the Lincoln club:

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Munzing’s Lackeys show their faces!

gun-totting-munzingMayor Munzing’s Traitorous qualities and his behavior that a  city “Records Request Related to Mayor Munzing” said produced “conduct requiring corrective action, legal counsel interaction and/or opinion”  are apparently condoned and viewed as acceptable behavior for a Mayor of Aliso Viejo by Bill Phillips and Phil Tsunoda.  It’s not a surprise that Phil Tsunoda would support Mayor Munzing.  Both Munzing and Tsunoda  believe they are above the norms of a law-abiding society as exemplified by their actions.

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The O.C. Republicans appear to have “Leeches”

“Blood Sucking Leeches for Sale!”


How apropos is this! The Republican party has always been know for “eating their own.” They have now enlisted the help of a leech. Jim Leach to be specific.

The Republicans are distributing campaign literature for this Decline to State Candidate in their Campaign offices in a race where they have two registered Republicans running.

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