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Mayor Munzing Revealed as the owner of TheReal CUSD Hit-Site

In the October 19th meeting of the Aliso Viejo City Council, PTSA President Ellen Garrick provided the council with FPPC documents that identified Mayor Munzing as the owner of the hit-site, The Real CUSD, and chastised him for disseminating “misleading statements and misinformation” in opposition to Measure M. Munzing could only site there, stupefied, as the PTSA President and former Assistant District Attorney described Munzing’s petty tactics as despicable. His eventual rebuttal comment was, “I don’t know anything about that web site.”

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Wow! How stupid can a clown be? Or are we the dumb ones?

Did anyone see the Aliso Viejo City Council meeting last night? We watched it and I swear there cant be another stinking IDIOT LIKE MUNZING IN THE WORLD. It was hard to watch. Its hard to believe he is that stupid but he proves it every time. The worst thing about it is that we are of the same party. But not for long! It was painful for us to watch Clown Munzing formulate his one word sentence “uh”. Its hard to believe a republican is that stupid but there he is.

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When it comes to a Mayor acting like a Clown and offending Police Officers!

When it comes to a Mayor acting like a Clown! A Clown that needed and recieved  City counseling and intervention for rumored “offending of Female Police Officers!” Its time to get rid of the local Trash!                      

Munzing’s Lackeys show their faces!

gun-totting-munzingMayor Munzing’s Traitorous qualities and his behavior that a  city “Records Request Related to Mayor Munzing” said produced “conduct requiring corrective action, legal counsel interaction and/or opinion”  are apparently condoned and viewed as acceptable behavior for a Mayor of Aliso Viejo by Bill Phillips and Phil Tsunoda.  It’s not a surprise that Phil Tsunoda would support Mayor Munzing.  Both Munzing and Tsunoda  believe they are above the norms of a law-abiding society as exemplified by their actions.

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The O.C. Republicans appear to have “Leeches”

“Blood Sucking Leeches for Sale!”


How apropos is this! The Republican party has always been know for “eating their own.” They have now enlisted the help of a leech. Jim Leach to be specific.

The Republicans are distributing campaign literature for this Decline to State Candidate in their Campaign offices in a race where they have two registered Republicans running.

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Mayor Munzing turns on “Aliso Viejo’s Darling”

mike NO MORE 1Can anyone say Benedict Arnold? When the SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) Scholarship Committee recommended an Aliso Viejo resident for their 2015 Scholarship program, a total of 48 votes were cast. 47 of the votes were in favor of “Aliso Viejo’s Darling” Kelsee Cooper1 vote was cast against her. Mayor Munzing cast the only vote against her indicating he felt she should not be recommended for the Scholarship Program.

It was cast by Aliso Viejo’s own Benedict ArnoldMike Munzing!

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STOP ILLEGAL Sign Placements


Aliso Viejo residents are reporting the unauthorized placement of Mayor Mike Munzing’s campaign signs on their lawns. Even gated communities are reporting Munzing’s signs on private property. This is illegal, trespassing and a violation of our property rights. If one of Munzing’s campaign signs is illegally placed on your private property, you are within your rights to report the trespass to the Sheriff’s department. If Mayor Mike and his campaign cannot follow the rules, how can he be trusted with the governance of our city? He CANNOT!

The Munzing campaign continues to launch accusations against the community


Mayor Mike Munzing and Aliso Viejo Realtor and OCAR Board Member Scott White continue their campaign of accusations against community members through Facebook posts and emails. Mayor Munzing has taken to emailing his supporters, accusing challenger Mary Rios of “targeting” him, although evidence or examples of such activities have yet to be provided.

White has also accused multiple individuals of attacks on Munzing’s character, and posted unsubstantiated accusations on Facebook, then removed the posts once the damaging information is circulated. The OCAR Board Member has also insinuated that a “defamation suit” is likely to follow. Perhaps White is also an attorney, among his other responsibilities as a full-time Munzing defender?

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AV Mayor Mike Munzing accuses lone woman in City Council race of targeting him

AV Mayor Mike Munzing accused city council candidate Mary Rios of targeting him in a fundraiser ad by referring to her as “a last minute challenger”.

After an exciting and successful 3 1/2 years on Aliso Viejo’s City Council, it appears that I’m being targeted by a last minute challenger to my re-election. It’s times like this that I need my friends and supporters most of all. With your help, I will be able to mount a successful campaign and emerge victorious on November 8th. I hope that you can make my fundraiser and debate watching party on September 26th, as there’s nothing more fun than watching debates with friends. If you’re unable to make it, but are still in a position to contribute, I would be deeply honored & appreciative.

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Concerned AV residents question Mayor Mike Munzing’s behavior

mike NO MORE 1A group of concerned Aliso Viejo residents requested information in July 2016 from the City regarding questionable behavior and corrective action regarding Mayor Mike Munzing.

They would like Mayor Munzing to step up and divulge what his conduct was that constituted this action in regard to “conduct requiring corrective action, legal counsel interaction and/or opinion.”

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