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Last Minute Candidate’s Forum



Who would have thought that the community would put together a candidate’s forum this late in the election cycle? Well, get ready, because it is coming your way on Thursday evening, November 3rd from 7:00 – 9:00pm at the Aliso Viejo Conference Center. This is our chance to FINALLY get some answers from the Clown Mayor, Mike Munzing and his stooge, Bill Phillips. Here are some suggested questions to ask Munzing:

  1. Did you or did you not cost the city thousands of dollars in legal fees due to your misconduct toward female employees in City Hall?
  2. When will you be reimbursing the taxpayers for these expenses?
  3. Why would you pose for photo ops with students at Aliso Niguel High School and then vote AGAINST an honor student for an important and valuable college scholarship and internship?
  4. What is the status of the FPPC investigation into your violation of their gift policy and will you be paying the fines associated with your “free ride” on a private jet?
  5. How can you justify your attempts to affect the outcome of the election and the voter’s right to support Measure M when you don’t even pay property tax or have ever had a child in our school district?
  6. How can you defend your secret ownership of the hate site, “The Real CUSD” while calling the community members “cowards” for posting their criticisms of your misconduct?
  7. Why did you vote in favor of 1 Vape Lounge in our city, and against the next Vape Lounge? Why did you vote in favor of 1 finance company and against 1 that is a competitor of yours?

Some questions for Bill Phillips:

  1. By endorsing Mayor Munzing, don’t you condone his misconduct in city hall?
  2. By electing him mayor, aren’t you telling the public that you feel he is the best, most qualified representative of our city? How do you justify this?
  3. As a private school parent, never enrolling your children in our public schools, what is the basis for your proposing and voting for a resolution against the school bond, Measure M?
  4. Have you ever attended a school board meeting or volunteered for a school committee?

This event is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to get some answers to the questions that Mike Munzing and Bill Phillips have been dodging for months. Let’s all turn out and put their feet to the fire!

The Munzing campaign continues to launch accusations against the community


Mayor Mike Munzing and Aliso Viejo Realtor and OCAR Board Member Scott White continue their campaign of accusations against community members through Facebook posts and emails. Mayor Munzing has taken to emailing his supporters, accusing challenger Mary Rios of “targeting” him, although evidence or examples of such activities have yet to be provided.

White has also accused multiple individuals of attacks on Munzing’s character, and posted unsubstantiated accusations on Facebook, then removed the posts once the damaging information is circulated. The OCAR Board Member has also insinuated that a “defamation suit” is likely to follow. Perhaps White is also an attorney, among his other responsibilities as a full-time Munzing defender?

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AV Mayor Mike Munzing accuses lone woman in City Council race of targeting him

AV Mayor Mike Munzing accused city council candidate Mary Rios of targeting him in a fundraiser ad by referring to her as “a last minute challenger”.

After an exciting and successful 3 1/2 years on Aliso Viejo’s City Council, it appears that I’m being targeted by a last minute challenger to my re-election. It’s times like this that I need my friends and supporters most of all. With your help, I will be able to mount a successful campaign and emerge victorious on November 8th. I hope that you can make my fundraiser and debate watching party on September 26th, as there’s nothing more fun than watching debates with friends. If you’re unable to make it, but are still in a position to contribute, I would be deeply honored & appreciative.

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