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A few weeks ago we told you that if we continue to elect and nominate people like Mike Munzing our local government would go to the Clowns.  Well get ready for it! In case you haven’t heard the Dana Point City Manager just announced his resignation. So what does that have to do with Aliso Viejo? EVERYTHING! The group of people Mike Munzing counts as his friends and supporters, in our opinion, have mounted what amounts to a COUP in Dana Point. All five councilmen are republicans but 3 of them, for all intent purposes, are nothing more than GOP lackeys. Bill Phillips would fit into this crowd. They all get their marching orders from the GOP. They don’t give a crap about the citizens of their cities. Word has it that Bill Phillips decision to endorse Mike Munzing was ordered of him by the GOP. The collar fits him good.

The City of Dana Point has accepted the resignation(forced) of their city manager in lieu of termination.


So what’s next? A possibility is that Loan defaulter Assemblyman Bill Brough will get involved with his GOP lap dogs, Joe Muller , DUI being expunged, and yes men Richard A. Viczorek and John Tomlinson to find a city manager for a new collar. This is what happens when you let snakes on planes………..they bite you!

So double loan/foreclosure defaulter Assemblyman Bill Brough will try to influence the new make up of Dana Point. This loser is trying to find some significance in his elected position because most people feel he is insignificant. Guess who his partner in failure is? The one and only Clown of Aliso Viejo…the offender of female police officers….the betrayer of a high school residents…..The Clown of “trash talking” to young St. Mary female students….Mike Munzing!

Folks……please don’t make things worse. Mike Munzing will bring the same results to Aliso Viejo as has happened to Dana Point. His kind are like a cancer that never stops spreading.  It just gets worse…………….Remember the old adage………….


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My Nose is bigger than yours!

So Michele wants to feed from the Taxpayer teat like her husband Broughnocchio. You can’t blame her. Bill’s business was going down the tubes after he said he was a successful businessman on his Assembly statement. When you check the loan documents in purchasing their residence, We believe he checked the box of $20,000 per year income. Bill was the secondary applicant. Doesn’t make any difference now….they had to sell it as they were in foreclosure. So if you cant make it in the business world….live off the taxpayer…..imagine that….the 73rd district has to rely on a double loan/foreclose defaulter for financial decisions. How idiotic is that? Now his wife wants to live off the taxpayer too. We thought leeches were only found in swamps! Well here are Michele’s false credential statements:

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