Mayor Munzing and Aliso Viejo Realtor Scott White are continuing their nasty political attacks, and the citizens are getting sick and tired of them. On the popular Facebook page, Residents of Aliso Viejo, White continued his attacks on challenger Mary Rios, repeatedly siting the cost of this year’s election as her fault. Come on Scott, isn’t this The United States of America? Doesn’t every American have a right to run for office, serve for the public’s best interest, and support Democracy? I think that have been the point Mr. Lou Rios made to Scott White when he posted a moving image of his father in uniform, and the American Flag. Wake up Scott. This IS America.

Meanwhile, Mayor Munzing is discussing campaign tactics with elementary school children at St. Mary’s in Aliso Viejo. That’s right, he’s talking trash and explaining how bad people are saying mean things about him on social media. Is this appropriate for the Mayor to  discuss with young school children? Maybe, but it’s certainly pathetic to see an adult in a public office pandering to children, trying to get their sympathy for his failing re-election campaign. How do we know this is happening, you ask? Because we have seen the video posted on Facebook by none other than Scott White. No kidding. Another attempt and winning over the public. And best of all, Mayor Munzing talks about his integrity, and claims that these statements about him are lies. Really?

  1. Munzing voted against Aliso Niguel High School Graduate Kelsea Cooper when she was nominated for a prestigious scholarship. The public record plainly shows Munzing’s “nay vote” and he cannot deny it.
  2. Munzing’s misconduct necessitated legal intervention as documented by an official public letter issued by the Aliso Viejo City Clerk. This intervention cost the taxpayers money in the way of staff hours and legal bills. This much is documented.