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Mayor Pro Tem Harrington Joins Bullying of Students

The presumptive next mayor of Aliso Viejo, Mayor Pro Tem David Harrington joined Aliso Viejo Realtor and Munzing Campaign buddy Scott White in bullying Soka University Students on social media. Both White and Harrington traded barbs and quips with the students after a peaceful protest by the students at the Aliso Viejo Library. Scott White, who also represents The Orange County Association of Realtors (OCAR) as a Board Member, called the students “the current crop of entitled, nipple-suckling, participation-trophy-needing, whiney babies” while Harrington laughed along through his posts. The Mayor Pro Tem’s participation was reminiscent of Billy Bush’s recent interview with Donald Trump, where Bush laughed and egged on Trump to keep going with his demeaning talk about women, and his sexual abuse of strangers.


This is not the first time Aliso Viejo council members have attacked Soka University Students. Just 4 years ago, Mayor Mike Munzing and the Tea Party protestors he brought to a council meeting heckled some Soka Students until one young lady left the meeting in tears. This pattern of bad behavior by Aliso Viejo city officials and business leaders is a tragic example of the hatred toward the youth that seems to be brewing in our city. Soka University should think twice before inviting Harrington to speak at their school next year, and every home buyer should NOT consider White when looking for a realtor to represent them in their next purchase.

Four More Years of Munzing

As the American public weeps about the results of the presidential race, citizens of Aliso Viejo scratch their heads and imagine what another four years of Mike Munzing will be like. This election season told us a lot about this politician. He was chastised by the President of the PTSA for hiding behind the hit-site, TheRealCUSD, caught using council member Chun’s campaign disclosure list to raise money for his own campaign, revealed as having cost the city an unidentified amount of the taxpayer’s money in legal fees after offending city employees, and most recently, accepting a huge campaign contribution from CT Realty after voting to approve their permits.

So how did Munzing pull this one off and get re-elected? Even the breaking news that Mike Munzing voted against Aliso Niguel Honor Student Kelsea Cooper, attempting to keep her from receiving an important college scholarship, was not enough to persuade the voters that Munzing doesn’t represent Aliso Viejo. How? Well, it seems that money cures all wounds, especially the political ones. This season, Munzing was able to raise more money than any other candidate, trading his votes of approval for campaign contributions from city vendors, and the onslaught of his direct mail campaign and thousands of signs littering the streets and parks of Aliso Viejo was enough to distract the voters from the truth; Munzing is in this for himself, and no one else.

What can the voters learn from this election? You get what you pay for, and you deserve what you bought. There is no buyers remorse yet, so perhaps Aliso Viejo is destined to be represented by this political huckster, a snake oil salesman of the worst kind. Congratulations Aliso Viejo. You have another four years of Mike Munzing.

Munzing Attempts to Sway the LDS Vote

At last week’s Aliso Viejo Candidate’s Forum, the Clown Mayor Mike Munzing failed at yet another attempt to sway the public’s vote. This time, Munzing used his introduction period to explain to the public, many of whom are from the LDS community, that his decisions are “guided by God” and arrived at “through prayer.” His continuous religious references were begun with his display of a famous Arnold Friberg painting of George Washington kneeling in prayer at Valley Forge. Munzing displayed this work, painted by the Mormon Artist, on his iPhone and identified it as his “inspiration.”

This sad attempt to pander to a faith community was so obvious and pathetic, it was an embarrassment to himself, his wife who attended the event, and of course, his ridiculous mentor, Bill Phillips. Munzing’s politicizing of school girls, charity events, scholarship opportunities for students, and now, religion is nothing short of sick. Someone please clue in the Clown Mayor of Aliso Viejo and let him know he is fooling No One! Everyone, even the children, see through is weak attempts applying to the audience and it is OFFENSIVE!

Clown Munzings “Mentor”…..Broughnocchio


Seriously folks……is this what we want? Previous Dana Point councilman and current assemblyman for the 73district, Bill Brough, has been Mentoring Mike at the onset. Lord knows Mike needs a babysitter with legal credentials. Here are the credentials of the “Mental Einstein”, Bill Brough, that Mike takes advice from;

  1. Personal Residence default/foreclosure: The default has been declared by the current beneficiary under that certain Deed and Trust dated as of March 13, 2008, executed by Michelle R. Brough and William P. Brough, wife and husband as trustor to secure obligations in favor of United States Senate Federal Credit Union as beneficiary recorded on March 14, 2008, filed on 7/28/2014, amount in default $44,689.83.
  2. Personal Residence default/foreclosure: The default has been declared by the current beneficiary under that certain Deed and Trust dated as of March 13, 2008, executed by Michelle R. Brough and William P. Brough, wife and husband as trustor to secure obligations in favor of United States Senate Federal Credit Union as beneficiary recorded on March 14, 2008, filed on 11/22/2011, amount in default $16,460.96.
  3. Secondary applicant: Successful businessman Bill Brough was Not the Primary applicant for the residence. We believe he checked the box stating he earned $20,000 or less while his wife was designated the “bread winner”.
  4. Spent over $20,000,000 during his first term on Dana Point city council saying that spending the money on improvements will bring in new tenants and projects. I hear they are still waiting.
  5. He had to sell his house so he wouldn’t lose it to foreclosure. Strange definition of success.


Bill Phillips Tries To Look Ethical and Throws Munzing Under the Bus

Community Members in Aliso Viejo put on their own Candidates Forum on Thursday night. Almost 100 voters showed up to learn more about the ballot measures and about the candidates. For some reason, campaign buddies Bill Phillips and Clown Mayor Mike Munzing showed up an hour late, while Incumbent Ross Chun and Challenger Mary Rios arrived at the start. There was no debate and no tough questions at the vanilla event, but one interesting thing did occur while once again, Phillips put in a plug to get people to call him “The Elder Statesman.” That’s right, once again Phillips referenced the nick-name that he has tried to adopt for the past 8 years. Over and over again, Bill Phillips tells the public that he is embarrassed that his colleagues and the voters refer to him this way, but in truth, Phillips seems to be the only one who calls him that. But that wasn’t the most amazing part of the forum.

During the candidate introductions, Phillips pointed out that he is “self-funding” his campaign so he is not beholden to anyone and can do “anything he wants.” This was an obvious reference to the Clown Mayor’s well-publicized conflict of interest, and the public’s revelation that Munzing has repeatedly voted for vendors and contractors and then received large campaign contributions. Most recently, an Orange County Register article revealed that Munzing received a HUGE contribution from CT Realty. This after repeatedly voting to approve various permits and designs for the developer. Oops!

And challenger Mary Rios piled on by pointing out that she has “no one in her pocket” except maybe the Firefighters, as they were her largest campaign contributors.

Bill, we’ll call the “The Elder Statesman” if you want, but it will take a lot more than this to call you ethical. Keep trying!

Mayor Munzing’s Conflict of Interest

No Truer Words were ever spoken!

No Truer Words were ever spoken!

The Orange County Register reveled some interesting information about Mayor Munzing’s campaign finance success this week. It turns out that one of his largest contributors, CT Realty, is also the development company Munzing repeatedly voted in favor of throughout their planning and permitting process. That’s right, his favoritism had a direct financial impact on his political campaign. Is that illegal? Probably not. But it does explain why Munzing requested a list of all of the city vendors who have been paid significant public funds for contracts in the past several years. This was the kick-off to his fundraising campaign earlier this year, culminating with his “victory” of receiving mega-bucks from CT Realty.

Mayor Munzing has consistently requested the contribution reports from the other candidates, pouring over them to find other fundraising opportunities. This seems to be a wasted effort since he doesn’t have to look too far to find greener pastures. He only has to look to his own voting record to know who he can count on for money. That was the case with CT Realty. Munzing’s corruption continues, and is supported by every council member who voted him in as mayor. Nice job Aliso Viejo City Council!

Given Mikes recent “inappropriate conduct” and his “narcissistic” way of voting in every council meeting, we should demand the city attorney to warn us whenever his votes poses a potential conflict. We bring this up since Mike doesn’t seem to know how to comply with an ethics code as he has previously need the help of the city’s legal department for his recent rumored “offending of female officers.”

Another issue AVWatchdog has with Mayor Munzing is why is he not required to reimburse the city for the legal expenses on his behalf? Didn’t Mr. Tsunoda have to reimburse the City for his misconduct?


Jokes for Candidates….Thats why our party is struggling!

The reason our party is struggling is because of our choice of candidates. We are given a “no win” situation by our “conservative advocates.” The CRA and the Orange County Republican Party give us “Jokes” for Candidates.  Take a look at who they advise us to vote for:

Aliso Viejo: Mayor Mike Munzing. Have you ever seen this guy run a city council meeting? He’s a flat out idiot. A sloth has more intellect than this guy. He was disciplined TWICE for his conduct and had to have legal intervention to settle the issue. Rumor has it ….it was sexual harassment. We put our money on the rumor! Mike a word of advice….buy a pair of slacks and quit sleeping in your Levi’s.

Calif. State Assembly: Bill Brough. Obviously living of the taxpayer teat works for him. He lives in a bigger house than before and I am sure that the rent is more than the loan he had on his house.  This guy is a flat out loser. He claimed to be a successful businessman during his Assembly run but was in default/foreclosure twice leading the  Assembly race. Strange definition for success. This guy could not establish a successful business, was in foreclosure TWICE, was not paying for his mortgage that was given to him by the United States Senate Federal Credit Union and he was the SECONDARY applicant for the mortgage as his wife was the breadwinner. THIS IS THE GUY THE CRA AND ORANGE COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY WANT US TO LOOK TO FOR ADVICE! THE JERK WHO NOW LIVES LARGE OF THE TAXPAYER TEAT. THIS IS WHO THE CRA AND THE ORANGE COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY GIVE US. LOSER! HE COULD’NT EVEN PAY HIS MORTGAGE AND HE WANTS TO MANAGE THE PEOPLES HOUSE. GIVE US A BREAK! WE ARE NOT AS STUPID AS BILL. WE PAY OUR MORTGAGES!

Aliso Viejo: Jake Vollebregt a city deputy attorney who endorsed Mayor Munzing while having knowledge of Mayor Munzing’s offensive conduct behavior rumored to be sexual harassment. Jake Vollebregt condones Munzing’s behavior towards female police officers who found it offensive. This guy wants to trustee of our kids.! No way. One would have to assume he would condone this type of action at the school district also. Disgusting.





Jim Reardon shares a page with Pres. Obama.


It’s so funny to hear our party talk about our stalwart conservatives like Jim Reardon. The trustee who voted for teacher pay raises, sued CUSD cause his kid was on a “list” and supports despicable Mayor Munzing…..the  great “offender of female police officers,” allegedly! Some conservative. Oh yes, he was also on the same campaign literature as Pres. Obama. You are known by the company you keep.



Whining like Babies! We trusted these trustees and got Screwed!

Currently there is a mix of 3 republican trustees and 3 democratic trustees and 1 decline to state. You would think that’s a reasonable “mix.” But the GOP has the 11th commandment…”we eat our own.” 2 of the republican trustees are not even considered republican because they are considered moderate. When you are a moderate republican you might as well have the Bubonic Plague.

Remember the last time our party was represented by all the trustees? I believe 2009. Jack Brick, Anna Bryson, Ellen Addonizio, Sue Palazzo, Larry Christensen, Ken Lopez Maddox and Mike Winsten.  They were all elected as reformers. All of them much more qualified than the current trustee candidates. Most of them had no idea what the heck they were doing and it showed. Ms. Bryson was the only one with any experience and guts to speak her mind as I remember. That was a problem since the GOP  wanted nothing but “YES” trustees. They were backed by the same people and groups that are backing the current inept candidates.

One could argue we are at this bond issue because of the ineptness of most of those trustees. Of course, they are not fully to blame but we expected more out of them than we got…Did they address the need to plan and strategize for the repairs of our schools? NO. Did they raise the question of possibly selling the “Taj Mahal?” NO. Yet our base of supporters consistently brings this up. We controlled the whole board! Why didn’t we get it done then? Even after Winsten and Maddox were recalled we still had control. Make any excuse you want for not getting it done. Fact is we had the power and did nothing and our party is still crying about it. Here is what our trustees accomplished:

Ken Lopez Maddox was recalled.

Mike Winsten was recalled.

Ellen Addonizio and Sue Pallazo conducted their own “covert Watergate break-in of the Superintendent’s office.”  And got caught.

The majority of the boards ineptness in making a crucial decision led to a strike. The state cut the budget (we were already under funded) and the trustees responded by telling staff that they would have to cut their salaries by 10% and left it up to them to figure out how to get there. 

They also choose to fire the Superintendent without any idea of replacement or agenda.  They brought in Bobbi Mahler as a temporary superintendent who had no idea which ways was up.  To their credit they hired Joe Farley, but that was the only smart thing I saw them do.  

They also settled the litigation regarding the Enemies List.  Certain individuals, including Tony Beall and Jim Reardon were awarded settlements or as some said were “paid off” which raised questions regarding misuse of funds and conflict of interest in the CUSD community. Don’t think there was any question which direction the settlement was going to go. Every trustee was a republican and both Beall and Reardon were involved with the Orange County Republican Central Committee. They knew they had it in the “money bag.”

The first settlement was approved on a 7-0 vote on September 15, 2009 and resulted in $475,000 being paid to the Case and Reardon families. Jim Reardon contributed directly to Trustee Maddox’s campaign. The second settlement was approved on a 4-0 vote and resulted in $178,350 being paid to the Beall, Russell and Furniss families. Trustees Addonizio, Christiansen and Palazzo recused themselves from this vote. Maddox stated that those three trustees abstained because the families receiving the settlements had lent money to the political action committee that had elected the three to office.

Trustees Maddox, Winsten, Bryson and Brick voted to approve both settlements which resulted in a total of $653,350 being paid to these families. Sounds like an “inside job.”

These were the trustees supported and elected by the CRA and Orange County Republican party. The current trustee candidates aren’t even close to having remotely any of the limited qualifications of the “reformed trustees.”

So, we need to quit whining. We had our chance and did nothing except line Reardon’s pockets with money.  Have some integrity and give our kids a break. Repair the schools.  Vote Yes on M. Invest money in our kids and schools and not Reardon’s pockets again.



submitted by blog contributor: frustrated republican

On November 8th, responsible parents, teachers and taxpayers will have the privilege and responsibility to provide our kids that rich and safe school environment that all students are morally and legally entitled to.

This political battle over Measure M is frustrating. For some reason, my party has an obsessive addiction to CUSD. It’s like we attempt to make CUSD our party’s private “whipping boy” every election cycle. Our candidates use the same verbiage every time. “The board is corrupt they don’t listen to parents, they are bought by the union and they just want to tax and spend. Enough Already!

For our kids a “republican” or “democratic” talking point or “core value” is not on their list of high school concerns. Their concern is being able to pass the math test next Friday, planning for the chemistry project on Monday and completing the research paper for English this week.

These should be some of the best times of their lives. Instead many high school students are stressed about their future. The recession and unemployment are discussed so frequently on the television and internet; the students can’t help but to wonder how it’s all going to affect them after high school. Many of the students are beginning to question their decisions to go on to college. They are wondering what the job market is going to be like? Will they be able to justify putting full-time employment aside in lieu of a college education? Should they pursue the field they are actually interested in or pursue a field that will be more lucrative? Will an Associate’s degree be enough or should they go for a bachelors? And will a bachelors be enough? The least of their concerns should be the safety of their school.

Our kids should not have to be concerned with toilets that do not work, restrooms in disrepair and dirty. Is there toilet paper in the stalls, will the air conditioning be working, is that mold or just old paint in the corner, will the roof leak during a rain and can we secure our classroom in case of an emergency.

These issues should be the concerns of parents, not “political talking barbs” used for the advancement of a particular party’s political philosophy or candidates. One would think if any cause could unite parents of different political parties to address issues it would be the future of our kids. Obviously not.

This bond may not be perfect or the best crafted one but it’s the right one, at the right time for the right community. Our community. Students need our help not our political sniping and they need it now! They need US now. As far as I am concerned our kid’s education is more important than any risk the bond may possibly hold. I vote for our kids every time. Vote YES measure M.


                     VOTE YES ON MEASURE M!     SAY YES TO OUR KIDS!

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